Easysport GPS – Training And Exercise

Training And Exercise

What should I know about training goals?

Training goals are essentially the goals you set for yourself when you start using your Easysport GPS. Actually, they are the number of steps you take during the day. Steps are behind the development of the goal ladder which you can set on your device. The experts suggest that for an active and healthy lifestyle you need to take at least 10,000 steps.

How do I find out how much closer I am to my goal?

In the exercise section of your app you’ll be able to check in real time the movements you have made on an hourly basis; in actual fact you’ll find sessions lasting roughly half an hour each in which for every single pre-uploaded sport you’ll see the percentage of the hourly goal achieved and the calories you’ve burned up to that particular moment.

In this section you can view the data on your exercise updated in real time. You’ll find a bar graph showing your hourly progress for your exercise in relation to the target you’ve set yourself. In the central part you’ll find the exercise-related section divided into activity and inactivity. Every time the sensors record a movement, this section will provide information on the change of state; if, for instance, you’ve sat down for 10 minutes then got up and walked for half an hour, you’ll find out how long you sat down and how long you were moving around for. This section can be viewed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis; that way you’ll have a more complete overview of the situation and have all your data under control and available whenever you wish to see it.
How do I set more sports during the course of the day?

Exercise is tracked daily and is based on the number of steps you take during the day. You can, however, set dedicated exercise activities so that your situation is as personalised and consistent with your daily activities as possible.

Do you want to go for a run and record your performance? You can set the exercise so as to track your run from start to finish. During the recording of a sports session, in addition to your average speed and all the data that are usually measured, you will have your heart rate monitored in real time, subdivided into three stages. All your data will be available on the display of your Easysport GPS and you’ll be able to check your heart rate and your running speed in real time. Based on your heart rate, your Easysport GPS will automatically detect what level you are at.

How do you start training with the Easysport GPS?

Starting a training session directly from your smartwatch is very easy. Please note that you can decide whether or not to take your smartphone with you during your training. It isn’t essential, but if you take it with you, in addition to your exercise-related data you’ll also have a map of the route you have taken.

To start the training session follow these steps:

Swipe your finger on the display from right to left to display the functions menu.

This is the functions menu. Select the Sports icon to go into the menu for sports tracking.

In this menu, you can select different training modes.

Depending on the training mode you have launched, there will be different tracking modes. For indoor activities, and therefore in closed spaces, the SMART GPS mode will not be active. You can choose this mode if you are doing aerobic/anaerobic activity at the gym or at home.

Please remember that if you want to use the SMART GPS function for outdoor activities, you need to have your smartphone with you and turn on positioning services on your smartphone so the GPS installed on your smartphone can track your route.

Once you have selected the sport you want to play, start the activity tracking.

Once you have tapped the start button, the counter will start monitoring your activity.

You’ll see the pre-start countdown followed by the control screen. The screen displayed on your smartwatch will be organised as follows:

  • – Stopwatch
  • Pulse rate in real time, showing your current heart rate stage
  • Number of km covered
  • Time for covering 1 km
  • Average speed
  • Calories burned

All this data can be consulted in real time directly on the display of your Easysport GPS simply by scrolling up with your finger on the display.

What do I need to know about fitness tracking on the Easysport GPS?

Any fitness training tracked on your device will be displayed under the “Data” section of your app; always remember that all the information on the training sessions can be seen in this section.

To see the details of the various sessions just tap on the running man icon shown in the screenshot below:

The recorded data can be consulted more analytically by tapping on the relevant recap section highlighted in the red box shown in the second screenshot.

Does my Easysport GPS have a GPS function?

Yes, Easysport GPS has a built-in GPS, so you can use your smartwatch for exercise, in particular for running, while leaving your smartphone at home but still having the possibility of tracking your training route.

In tracking mode, which requires the use of GPS, please remember to start tracking when you’re outdoors to make it easier to find the GPS signal.

What is the exercise reminder?

This is a warning you can set to remind yourself to move if you’re inactive. It’s a useful feature if you have a sedentary lifestyle, in which case we recommend activating it; if you are active then don’t worry, you won’t see this notification very often.

Every half hour you will feel your Easysport GPS vibrating to remind you that you should move around. This will only happen if you haven’t moved at all for half an hour.