Easyfit HR Plus – Sleeping


Your Easyfit HR+ has the autosleep function, meaning that it automatically recognises when you are sleeping and when you are awake. You do not even have to think about activating the function when you sleep at night. It will be automatically activated. You can enter daily naps in the app.
You will find your rest data in this section of the app. The data are broken down into light sleep, heavy sleep and wakefulness if you wake up during the night and then go back to sleep.

You will find the data on the previous night in the Timeline section, while the data on your pulse during the night are in the statistics section.

It is important to emphasise that the sleep monitoring function is mostly managed by heart rate. Our pulse plays a basic role in sleeping. In fact, there are distinct heart rate stages that regulate our sleep. In this way, you can check for pulse peaks alternating with low pulse. With Easyfit HR+, you will have a complete picture of your heart behaviour and you can identify the REM stages of your sleeping.