Easy Smart HR – Sleeping


How is sleep monitored?

The sleep monitoring mode is activated automatically at 9 pm and is automatically deactivated at 9 am. During this period, your Easysmart HR can automatically tell whether you are asleep or awake.

So you don’t have to worry about setting the sleep monitoring mode manually or deactivating it the following morning.

What sleep-related information is collected?

The data on your sleep is used to determine your resting patterns. The algorithm can tell whether you’re sleeping deeply or lightly, or even if you’re awake.

How are these states determined? When sleep monitoring mode is activated, every time the tracker doesn’t detect any movement for at least an hour it’ll assume that you’ve gone to sleep. Any arm movement during sleep will be interpreted as restlessness and the tracker will change from heavy to light sleep. You may not realise but during sleep you might move or change position. Any very close-range arm movement during sleep phases is classified as being awake, so the algorithm will think that you’re awake for all intents and purposes.

This is the graph you’ll get the morning after your sleep analysis. The time slots begin when your first period of sleep is recorded, i.e. when the algorithm identifies that you haven’t moved your arm for about an hour. Sleep analysis is performed hourly and the system tracks any changes in states of deep sleep, light sleep and being awake. The stages of wakefulness are shown in white, the stages of light sleep are in light green and the stages of deep sleep are in dark green.

Under the graph you’ll find the numerical values of the data shown on the graph.

By tapping on the individual columns you’ll see how long every state lasted. The system can also identify if you’ve woken up, perhaps to go to the bathroom, deactivating the sleep monitoring mode and activating the step counter.

Please remember that a few steps might also be counted even if you haven’t actually left your bed. This happens because certain arm movements, especially if very pronounced, may be interpreted by the algorithm as a step. Don’t worry if this happens: the number of steps calculated during the night accounts for the smallest figure which has a very low, almost negligible, effect on your daily exercise stats. Please see the calories section for a more detailed explanation.