Easy Fit Band – Training and exercise

Training and exercise

What should I know about training goals?

Training goals are basically the targets you set yourself when you start using your Easyfit Band. They work in the form of the number of steps you take during the day. Steps are behind the development of the goal ladder which you can set on your device. The second goal you are asked for is the number of hours’ sleep you want to get.

How do I find out how much closer I am to my goal?

It’s very simple. On the Home screen of the Easyfit Band app, you’ll find all the information you need to monitor the progress of your exercise in relation to the targets you’ve set yourself.

As you can see in the centre of the screen you’ll find a round indicator that shows the steps you’ve taken during the day. Inside this indicator, you’ll find your daily goal and the percentage of the goal achieved, which is updated in real time. To get a more detailed overview of the progress of your exercise, you can tap on the graph in the centre and you’ll see the bar graph divided into time slots.

The part of the app on your summary data for calories burned, distance travelled and duration of sporting activity stays in numerical format.

Does my Easyfit Band have a GPS function?

No, your Easyfit Band does not have this feature.

What is the exercise reminder?

This is a warning you can set to remind you to move if you’re sitting still. It’s easy to set and activate, especially if you have a relatively sedentary lifestyle.

Every time you move your arm, you’ll see the green icon activated on your Easyfit Band to remind you that you’re moving. If you’re sitting down for a long period of time, your wristband will vibrate and the relative icon will turn red.