Easy Fit Band – Calories


How are calories burned calculated?

Calories burned are calculated by taking into account your basal metabolic rate. The amount of calories your body uses to keep your vital functions active is calculated based on your weight, gender, age and height information. These calories are burned by your body regardless of whether you exercise or not. Your consumption goals and therefore any new calories to be burned take into account your basal metabolic rate.

I’ve just woken up and yet I already see data on my counters: why is this?

To answer this question we have to talk more about basal metabolic rates. You can burn calories while asleep. Your fitness tracker also records body movement, which translates into steps: this happens because the inertial sensor records variations of movement if, for example, you moved frequently during the night or if you had an animated night’s sleep perhaps due to a certain dream or nightmare. Don’t worry if this happens, this data will not compromise the analysis of your exercise in any way.