Easyfit Touch 2 – Precision


Easyfit Touch 2 can sense every single movement your body makes through two sensors that work in unison to correctly read all your movements.

Easyfit Touch 2 can offer 3D tracking which works using a complex system. We will try to explain the concept in a clear, concise manner so you can understand how all your movements are essentially converted into numbers that are easy to view and available in real time.

What is 3D tracking?

3D tracking is a feature that uses inertial sensors to collect data on your body’s movement. Inertial sensors record the state of your body and its relative changes in case of movement, for example, uniform rectilinear motion or a rotational movement around an axis. We are really interested in the latter here because the concept of 3D tracking is developed by focusing on axes. Indeed, three-dimensionality is formed of the three axes around which our body moves in our surrounding space.

This is a simplified diagram of an inertial sensor. The ball’s weight makes it move along three axes depending on how the sensor is moved. This is the same sensor found inside the Easyfit Touch 2, which means it can sense every movement of your body.

This technology is behind everything, simple, no?