Easyfit Talk – Synchronisation


In this chapter, we’ll show you how to sync your Easyfit Talk.

Synchronisation is the first step to using this product.

Getting started with your Easyfit Talk

It is important to follow these steps to connect your new fitness tracker to your smartphone. Please remember that to get the best out of your product you must keep Bluetooth on. The Bluetooth connection doesn’t use much battery – it’s one of the least power-hungry connections – so don’t worry.

We recommend charging your Easyfit Talk for at least half an hour before its first use. Use a 5 V – 500/1000 mAh USB charger as excessive voltages might damage components and the battery life. Your PC USB port is always the best solution.

When your Easyfit Talk turns on, a 4-digit number will appear in the centre of the screen. Write down or memorise that number. This is the number which identifies your device, it will be useful when connecting to Bluetooth.

Follow these few steps and you’ll see how easy it is to start using your Easyfit Talk.

1. Downloading the Easyfit Plus app

There are 2 QR codes on the pack of your product, one to download the Android app and another for the iOS app. Before getting started, we recommend using a Wi-Fi connection to download the app. Point the reader (if you don’t have one, you have to download a specific app to read QR codes, there are many available, just look on the app store) on the QR code you want and follow the steps on your smartphone display to download the app. Some product batches still in circulation may not feature a QR code on the packaging; should you find yourself in this situation, always refer to the name of the app.

2. Activating the app

Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it and enter the requested information. This information is important as it allows the algorithm to work properly when collecting data on movement and producing the related analyses. The data you enter is important for your basal metabolic rate, which is the main factor our algorithm uses to calculate the calories burned during the day and at night when you’re asleep.

3. Connecting your Easyfit Band to the app

Once you’ve entered your body info and the step goal you’ve set yourself, you’ll need to connect the device to your smartphone.

Please follow these steps:

a. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone
b. Pick up your Easyfit Talk which by now will be charged and ready to be connected
c. You’ll see your Easyfit Talk appear on the search screen, as shown in the image below

d. Select your Easyfit Talk; you’ll see a device indicating the same four digits which you saw on your Easyfit Talk.

e. Once you’ve selected it, you’ll be directed to the Home page where you’ll see all your counters for both night and day modes.

Follow all the connection procedures step by step. This way you will not have any problems with missing or failed connections. It is important that the device is first connected as a fitness tracker through the app. Do not connect the device through the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone.

How can I set my Easyfit Talk to mono earphone mode?

To set up the earphones, just follow these simple steps:

  • Hold down the side button on your Easyfit Talk until you see both the Blue and Red LEDs flashing above the display. This activates the pairing mode on your Easyfit Talk
  • Access the Bluetooth menu of your smartphone
  • Once the syncing of all available devices completes, you will see a device named “Voice Band” appear in the list
  • Select “Voice Band” and wait until the connection is successfully established
  • Check the display on your Easyfit Talk to make sure the earphones icon has appeared above the Bluetooth icon.
  • when the Bluetooth icon looks like this, it means the earphones function is active. During calls, you’ll simply need to unplug the earphones from the strap. By pressing the side button, you’ll be able to answer the call. If you’re using an iPhone, you can even ignore incoming calls by swiping downwards on the display when the incoming call notification is being shown. This function is presently only available for iPhone.

How do I switch the earphone feature on and off?

You can manage this feature via the side button of your fitness tracker. After your Easyfit Talk’s first connection as an earphone, it will remain on your smartphone’s memory like any other Bluetooth device managed by your smartphone. To deactivate the earphone feature, just press the button once. You will know the Bluetooth earphone feature is no longer active when the earphones disappear from the Bluetooth icon on your Easyfit Talk’s screen. To reactivate the feature, simply press the button again and make sure the earphones reappear above the Bluetooth icon. When the earphones are active, the LED light will flash; we therefore recommend switching off the earphone feature before going to sleep so as to avoid disturbances.

How do I access the app’s main settings?

You’ll see all the devices you’ve connected under the Device section. Here, you can select which to use and for which device you’ll see all the data collected on the Home section.

Tap on the device labelled as “In use” and you’ll access the main settings menu on your Easyfit Talk.

Below you can find an explanation of all the menus.

Device name: you can change the name of your Easyfit Talk to something you like better

Image: you can allocate an image to your device

Connection status: this shows whether your Easyfit Talk is connected

Personalised reminders: here, you can add all your reminders to be shown on the display of your Easyfit Talk under the List section.

Measurement unit: you can select the measurements units for your data, using either the metric or imperial system

Exercise reminder: this lets you manage your exercise reminder. For more information, please see the “What is the exercise reminder?” section.

Alarm settings: you can set one or more alarms.

Sync: tap here to sync your data

Lifestyle: turn on this feature to receive advice on how to improve your health

Vibration setting: you can choose the type of vibration and the repetitions for each notification you receive on your Easyfit Talk.

Automatic sleep monitoring: turn on this feature and manage your automatic sleep monitoring

Wrist sense: this feature lets you see the time and turn on the display just by moving your wrist. Move your arm up to the position you’d usually adopt to look at your watch. Your Easyfit Talk’s display will turn on automatically.

Time format: select how you want to see the time, in either 12 or 24 hour format.

Language: set the language of your Easyfit Talk

Date format: set the date format: MM/DD means month/day while DD/MM means day/month.

Set-up: this control lets you check if any operating system updates are available for your Easyfit Talk