Easyfit HR Plus – Special warnings

Special warnings

Every time you will see this warning it means that your connection is not active because your Easyfit HR+ and your smartphone are not within the operating range.

The connection will be re-established automatically as soon as the operating range is properly restored. None of the notifications you receive when there is no connection will be displayed on your Easyfit HR+.

You will see this warning if your Easyfit HR+ has not been synchronised with the application for a long time. This warning reminds you that the memory of your fitness tracker is almost full, so some data will not be recorded due to lack of storage space. We recommend that you synchronise at least twice a day so that the data are correctly synchronised with the app.

This warning tells you that an update of the firmware is available and should be installed. The update will be automatically downloaded by the Easyfit app and will be directly installed on your Easyfit HR+. You do not have to worry about anything

This warning tells you that the firmware update has been successful or has failed. In the first case, the update has been installed successfully. In the second case, the update was unsuccessful. In this case we recommend that you repeat the procedure in order to correctly download the update.

This warning is displayed every time the data are synchronised between the device and the app. This icon will be seen on the watch display every time manual synchronisation of the app is launched. If you do not see the icon, make sure you have properly launched the synchronisation.