Easyfit HR Plus – Basic use

Basic use

You can access the main functions by swiping until you get to the icon menu.
In the icon menu you will find the notifications (bell), sport (4 squares) and general settings functions for your Easyfit HR+.


The notifications menu includes all notifications received on the smartphone that have not been read yet. The menu synchronises with the notifications panel of your smartphone. They will disappear also from your Easyfit HR+ after you have read all notifications on the phone.


The APP menu envisages using all sport and sleep monitoring functions that can be activated from your Easyfit HR+. In this menu you will find:

  1. Audio tracks player control
  2. Remote control of the camera for taking photos
  3. Stopwatch
  4. Manual sleep period entry
  5. Watch wallpaper modification
  6. Find my phone


In the settings menu of your Easyfit HR+ you can access all operation settings, adjust the brightness of the display, change its orientation and find much more information.

In this section you will also find the Bluetooth connection monitoring centre. This can be helpful if you use a wallpaper that does not graphically show you the status of your Bluetooth connection. In this section you will find the Bluetooth icon with a green check if the connection is active, or a red X if there is no connection.